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Autoimmune Paleo

Autoimmune Paleo

Nutritional therapy to reduce inflammation, heal digestion (leaky gut) and address autoimmune disease.

This 7-day meal plan follows the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol as developed by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. It is free from all foods with the potential to stimulate the immune system, increase inflammation, and cause irritation to the digestive tract.

Our Autoimmune Paleo Diet excludes all refined sugars and oils, grains, legumes, dairy, eggs, nightshades, nuts, seeds, food additives, spices and ingredients that contain extracts of these foods.

This plan is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients that support digestion like turmeric, bone broth, and bitter greens. It truly makes following the AIP protocol more simple and delicious than ever.


  • Why it works?

    Anti-Inflammatory Foods

    Polyphenols may help to control oxidative stress and the inflammatory response. This plan includes polyphenols found in broccoli, spinach, carrots, and extra virgin olive oil. The polyphenol curcumin in turmeric is incorporated in the meal plan for its role as an anti-inflammatory agent. Curcumin is effective in treating chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer's and is used as an adjuvant in cancer therapy.


    Gut Health

    As gut health impacts immune function, it is beneficial to restore a healthy gut barrier and microbiome. Probiotics and prebiotics bring good bacteria into the gut. Probiotics found in fermented foods and cultured products are live bacteria that can help boost the immune system and fight off bad bacteria. Prebiotics found in certain fruits, vegetables and legumes, support digestive health by feeding the good bacteria. This program combines foods like sauerkraut with garlic and apples to exert synergistic effects on gut health.

    Hormone Regulation

    Omega-3 fats can assist with stress reduction through cortisol concentrations. These healthy fats are found in the program from healthy plant-based oils. The liver is a key organ for regulating hormone balance, chemical levels in the blood, making immune factors, and breaking down and excreting harmful substances. Indoles, including indole-3-Carbinol, is essential to liver support and can be found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and brussels sprouts.

    Immune Support

    The minerals zinc and selenium are critical for immune function. This plan provides zinc from meat and selenium from chicken, beef, and spinach. Vitamin A is an essential fat-soluble antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress in cells and is useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. This meal plan contains vitamin A sources like sweet potato, broccoli, and carrots. Vitamin C supports the immune system and this plan provides vitamin C from cauliflower and brussels sprouts.

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