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The Soulfully Happy Nutrition Approach

Achieve Health & Happiness Today!

Hello! I am Melissa Gundersen, NNCP, and the owner of Soulfully Happy Nutrition. Welcome to my page! I am  registered as a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner and my goal is to help you achieve your healthiest and happiest self! I specialize in helping women balance their hormones and lose weight permanently! In addition to losing weight and body fat, clients will see improvements to their pain, energy, focus, mood, sleep and digestion.  Unlike other mainstream methods that focus on treating the symptoms with medications, fad diets or exercise, I address each individual's root cause and approach the body and the mind as a whole with the use of customized dietary, supplements, lifestyle changes and education.

I help clients who:

  • have difficulty losing weight no matter what they do and want to lose weight while building healthy habits around food;

  •  feel burned out, fatigued throughout the day and upon waking and want to increase their energy;


  • have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic pain Syndrome etc;


  • are frequently having brain fog, an inability to concentrate, irritability, depression & anxiety and want to be able to balance their mood and repair their focus & concentration for a more happy and productive day;

  • are "Tired but Wired", have difficulty staying asleep or falling asleep, waking up around 2am regularly and need help to achieve a good nights rest;​


  • have symptoms of a slow thyroid but are within the "normal" ranges;

  • suffer from inflammation and related joint pains;​

  • frequently have digestive issues ex. heartburn, indigestion, bloating, gas and symptoms of IBS and want to get to the root cause and reduce/eliminate these issues and feel good again;​

  • have unstable blood sugar without having diabetes and want to find out the root cause why its happening and correct it with proper nutrition;

  • ​have seen a naturopath and have been told to change their diet due to food intolerances or a specific prescribed diet but need guidance with a weekly meal plan and check-ins (examples: Anti-inflammatory, Elimination, PCOS, Specific Carbohydrate, SIBO, Anti-candida... etc);

  • would like weekly meal plans to simplify their lives and allow them to easily focus on their goals;


We are committed to forming relationships with clients to restore whole body health from inside out, Soulfully Happy Nutrition is always there for guidance and to reinforce healthy lifestyle habits.

Browse through the site to see the variety of services offered from telehealth appointments on zoom, in person 1 on 1 and group programs to help you achieve your goals. Exciting new offerings coming stay tuned for the updates!

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Our Unique Philosophy

We believe taking a whole body approach and addressing the mind-body connection in order to reduce the pressure on the adrenal glands (main organ in the stress response) allowing them to recover and operate at their most efficient state. In addition to having difficulty losing weight even though you workout and eat healthy, low level stress can cause a whole myriad of symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep( tired but wired), difficulty staying asleep, waking up frequently at night especially around 2am, reduced immunity, unstable blood sugar, weight gain, digestive troubles (IBS, bloating, gas, indigestion) and hormonal imbalances. Through the use of diet, supplements and lifestyle changes, we can help you restore your body to its most optimal health and function which will help you reach your weightloss goals.  Please get in touch to learn more about nutritional services and packages available.

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