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Thyroid Boost 7 Day Diet (for slow thyroid)

Thyroid Boost 7 Day Diet (for slow thyroid)

This 7-day meal plan was created to show a sluggish thyroid some love. It includes foods that are known to support the thyroid while minimizing those that may harm this finicky gland.

By including selenium-rich Brazil nuts, healing bone broth, nourishing coconut fat, iodine-packed sea foods, and plenty of omega-3s, this meal plan contains important dietary components to support optimal thyroid health.

All meals are free from soy, uncooked cruciferous veggies, gluten, and dairy in order to give the body a break from these potentially goitrogenic foods.  Zucchini Breakfast Skillet, Sauerkraut Sausage Skillet, Carrot Cake Chia Pudding, Zucchini Alfredo and Turmeric Chicken, Gut Healing Green Smoothie and many more!

  • why this works:

    This program was created with the following key nutrients in mind:


    The thyroid gland controls metabolism and regulates heart rate, breathing, body weight, muscle strength, body temperature, menstrual cycles, and cholesterol levels. Iodine is required for thyroid hormone synthesis and may be protective against thyroid cancer. Iodine is incorporated into this meal plan from dulse, nori, salmon, and shrimp.


    Selenium plays an essential role in the metabolism of thyroid hormones and managing certain autoimmune conditions. This program provides the daily recommended allowance for selenium from Brazil nuts, shrimp, turkey, chicken, and eggs.


    There is a strong relationship between magnesium and thyroid hormone production. Low magnesium levels are associated with an increased rate of hypothyroidism and may result in thyroid and other hormonal disorders during menopause. Magnesium is included in this plan from chia seeds, banana, avocado, and broccoli.

    Calcium & Phosphorus

    The parathyroid hormone (PTH) plays a central role in maintaining bone health and is affected by calcium and phosphorus. This plan provides calcium-rich foods like fortified milk beverages, salmon, kale, and broccoli, and ensures you get good sources of phosphorus found naturally in both animal and vegetable products.


    Iron is an essential element for healthy thyroid function and is a common nutrient deficiency found in thyroid diseases. This program incorporates iron-rich foods like lamb, poultry, fish, swiss chard, spinach, and quinoa. These iron sources are paired with foods that have vitamin C to enhance iron absorption.

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