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'Tis the season for kindness 💞

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Myself ( and fellow coworkers @backontrackchiro are doing what we can to spread the cheer in our communities this Christmas season 🎄 ❤

Phase 1 of spreading some cheer throughout Spruce Grove: Cookies for RCMP. My dad was a cop at West Division in Edmonton and whenever I was driving through town I'd stop in and deliver slurpees or hot chocolate (my dad has never liked coffee) or cookies I've baked. It's a lot harder these days as you can't just walk in as a stranger but I've known RCMP McPhee for years and he met me at the station to help me deliver the Gingerbread Cookies to Parkland RCMP Watch 3 :) Even as an individual on a small scale we can make a difference in others' lives, the world is changing and we need kindness and compassion more than ever ❤ Shovel someone's walk/driveway, have your kids make letters/care packages for military overseas, walk your neighborhood singing Christmas carols, make a meal for a neighbor, visit a seniors residence, pay it forward with a coffee or make donation to the food bank.. help us spread kindness this season 😇

Phase 2 I prepared Christmas cards, some with $5 and some with candy canes and delivered them to strangers while I ran errands around town, some I left on their windshield and some I handed out to cashiers that looked like they were having a hectic day. Every little bit of kindness and compassion matters, even if it doesn't cost a penny the acknowledgement of someone's hard work is always appreciated ❤

Phase 3 of spreading cheer in my community, I got to visit the lovely nurses in acute and emergency at Stony Plain hospital. These women are exhausted and understaffed spare trying on extra shifts and we're really in need of a morale boost. They have been working steady through the pandemic with no relief from the stress and mental and physical exhaustion just doing their job helping people does. Remember to be kind as we never know what someone else is going through or how heavy the weight of their responsibilities are ❤

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