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Pollen Allergy causing Allergies to Related Foods

If you have a Pollen Allergy then you often suffer from symptoms seasonally when pollen is at its most potent, but did you know that having a pollen allergy (allergy to ragweed, birch, mugwort, latex, grass or alder) can cause an allergic reaction to foods that share a similar protein profile? These proteins are called "Pan Allergens" and are said to be found in many plant foods and pollens. Over 1/3 of pollen allergy sufferers will have additional allergies to foods in the chart below. Pan Allergens can also provoke allergic responses such as hives, diarrhea, respiratory issues, anaphylaxis, abdominal cramping, itching and swelling of mouth or lips. Some pan allergens are also triggered by regular use of pain killers such as (aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen) in combination with a pollen allergy. Learning how to avoid these allergy triggers can immensely improve ones immune system and energy levels throughout the day. Allergies to food can cause your immune system to weaken and not be able to fend off the common cold, flu or much worse. Research shows that pollution can make the pan allergen proteins stronger and stimulate stronger allergenic responses. As pollutions get worse so do our allergic responses.

It pays to be mindful while consuming our food and be aware of our bodies reactions to certain foods so we know what to cutout and what to keep in our diet. The mind body connection is important in elimination of food allergens which will improve our overall energy and health :)

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