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How to Calculate your Daily Caloric Intake

We are coming to the end of the year and the beginning of holiday season, and in a normal year it would be filled with Christmas parties, get togethers and events but this year is different with the pandemic hitting every town a bit differently. This has been a difficult year for everyone, more stress and mental health struggles, more mindless snacking, gyms have become less accessible due to covid restrictions, long hours working from home or not being able to work and in some of us that has resulted in weight gain. We can attack this weight gain now by making some small changes to how we eat and how much we eat based on a proper formula instead of waiting for new years day to begin. It is often overwhelming when looking at all the information online and you don't know where to start, so I will layout a simplified way to calculate your daily caloric intake for you:

Step 1

Find your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR)

BMR= (10xYour weight in kg) + (6.25xheight in cm) minus - (5xYour age) - 161

Step 2

Calculate your Daily Activity Levels

Sedentary (little to no exercise) multiply x 1.2

Light Exercise (light exercise 1-3 times per week) multiply x 1.37

Moderate Exercise (Moderate exercise 3-5 times per week) multiply x 1.55

Very Active (Hard exercise 6-7 days per week) multiply x 1.72

Extra Active (same as very active but with a physical job) multiply x 1.9

Step 3

BMR x Daily Activity Level = your daily recommended calorie intake

This calorie amount the best amount to eat in order to maintain your current weight. if wanting to lose or gain adjust the total amount as follows:

**If aiming for fat loss deduct 200-500 calories off the daily recommended calorie intake**

***if aiming to gain muscle add on an additional 200-500 calories per day ***

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