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Bone Broth and its Many Advantages for a Healthy Body

As I write this, I am sipping on a cup of bone broth from Bo & Marrow, a local company in Edmonton. Bone broth is touted as one of the most beneficial forms of nutrients to feed the body, a few of its most popular benefits are:

  1. heals leaky gut syndrome

  2. reduces cellulite (yay!)

  3. helps improve food sensitivities and allergies

  4. boosts the immune system (yesss, we all need this in a time of covid)

  5. Improves joint pain, and mobility of arthritic joints

  6. reduces low grade inflammation which can trigger autoimmune issues

How does bone broth do all of this?

First off bone broth contains collagen, gelatin, iron and minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur, and many antioxidants and amino acids that are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

When you drink it daily it over time will benefit weight loss, joint health, digestive health and gives you energy due to its low calorie, fulfilling warm cup of comfort and nutrients, I drink 10oz everyday and then 1-2 times a week I fast and during my fast I drink 40oz bone broth, 2 cups green tea, 4 to 8 glasses water and 1 cup of coffee and its unbelievable how energetic I feel on those days! I get so much done and I do get the occasional hunger pangs but the day goes by so fast and I look forward to my fasting days. I have noticed cellulite disappearing, fat loss (4lbs so far), and digestive changes as well as I am much more energetic and I haven't needed my iron supplements in the last few days and this has only been 9 days! My reason for incorporating bone broth has been to heal an autoimmune issue with a slow thyroid and painful seizing joints in my fingers, when I felt nothing else was working I decided it was time to start with my gut as that is likely the reason for the inflammation and why my thyroid isn't responding to supplementation - and low and behold its the first thing to work for me and I only began my process a little over a week ago. I look forward to seeing how much it will improve my joint pain.

Collagen is great for the skin, joints, connective tissues and quickly begins to reduce signs of aging in our skin, hair and nails. Supplementing with bone broth helps reverse some symptoms of osteoarthritis, joint pain and arthritic joints by giving them the collagen it needs. By 25 years of age we start to lose up to 1% of our collagen per year which is why we need to ingest it to keep the joints moving and the wrinkles at bay! Naturopath, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci has made her 20+ year career on treating patients with bone broth and short term diet changes (she recommends the Paleo diet) to repair their bodies to their optimal functioning and I can definitely see why she calls it "Liquid Gold".

The gelatin in bone broth is what repairs leaky gut syndrome, leaky gut occurs when the intestinal cells become more permeable and the toxins that they are supposed to be moving out of the body slip through and get absorbed into our bloodstream and then circulate through our body causing inflammation and damage to our originally healthy tissues. This weakness in our intestinal tract is the beginning of inflammation which can stimulate autoimmune conditions and weaken our immune system. Gelatin repairs leaky gut by sealing the gaps in the intestinal cells preventing leakage and once it has sealed the gaps your intestinal system can begin to function properly and the other symptoms begin to dissipate. After healing the gut, some foods you may have shown sensitivities to can be reintroduced and you may not be sensitive to them anymore. Please note that with traditional food allergies you will not be able to reintroduce as those are triggered by something other than inflammation and leaky gut.

When choosing your bone broth, either make your own at home with grass fed, antibiotic free marrow bones and possibly chicken feet (most collagen rich), (I know it doesn't sound appetizing but you strain it out) which you can buy from your local butcher shop. Or you can purchase it from a store but do not buy stock or broth as it is not the same as Bone Broth, there are dehydrated bone broths sold online as well. Real bone broth is low simmered for between 30 and 48 hours to retain the most nutrients and benefits, collagen and gelatin from the bones. add your choice of veggies and herbs and spices while you simmer. to save time there are some good bone broth specialists that you can purchase from such as Bo & Marrow, Kettle & Fire and Dr. Kellyann sells her own brand as well.

Happy healing and Enjoy :)

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